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Why It pays to get a second, even a third opinion!

How many of you have gone to the doctor for back pain or knee pain or any kind of issue with the body? They usually throw prescriptions at you for medications, or even refer you to a specialist suggesting surgery.

Now, I am not putting our doctors down as they actually aren’t that well trained in the musculoskeletal system( unless they specialise in it.) 

But when they refer someone to a specialist who also throws even stronger medication at you saying that it’s because you have turned 45 and you will have back pain for the rest of your life now.......this type of shit makes me mad.

I have been working with a lady for the last month who walked through my front door clearly in pain, frustrated, thinking that this was now how her life would be. 

She told me her story about how she had been to doctors and some specialist who all prescribed some kind of mind numbing, gut destroying pain killer and told her that this was now her life! 

No one had actually put their hands on her, or even really asked to hear about what happened to cause the pain in the first was straight to the painkillers! 

After listening to this woman's story, trying not to get mad at our medical system.....and then doing an assessment because there was actually an incident that happened that caused this pain which no one bothered to ask her. 

Then putting my hands on her body, actually LOOKING & FEELING at what might be going on, it was clear that the issue was not just because she had turned 45 and this is now her life. (Just so we are all on the same page, turning 45, or any age does not mean you instantly get back pain and just have to live with it!)

I’m a firm believer that we get pain because something has been compromised physically, mentally, or emotionally; or all three! It doesn’t just magically fucking appear! Aghhhhh....

This pain had stopped this woman from doing all the things she loved in her life! Walking the dogs, going to the beach, working, running. 

It was pretty clear to me what was going on. After one session of manual therapy she hopped off the table almost pain free. After our now fourth session she has no pain whatsoever! She is back to walking and doing all the things she loves! 

This is not to toot my own horn....this is to hopefully get you to get a second or even third opinion when an issue like this happens! See a physical therapist......someone who will actually listen to you and get their hands on you.

This is why I do what I do. Being in pain is no way to live. Before you go down the drastic route of medications that lead to more medications look at some kind of physical therapy first.

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