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What story are you telling yourself?

What if I told you that your joints aren’t actually meant to ache? 

Or that getting older is not a reason for your body being stiff when you first wake up in the morning. 

It’s not normal to feel tired all the time.

Your 3pm cravings have more to them than meets the eye. 

Brain fog, lack of concentration and lack of focus.....also not normal. 

Being on a list of medications for issues like blood pressure, reflux, among many other things is not normal. Not to mention the other list of medications because of the side effects from the first lot of medications! 

Yet, all these things listed above, and more are things I hear my clients and other people say EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

The sad thing is that this is what we have been made to believe! 

What symptom do you have? Well, there’s a list of pills you can take to cover that shit up! 

Our bodies are extremely intelligent vessels that are really damn good at telling you what it needs! We have lost the ability to listen. 

We pop pills and take antibiotics at the slightest sign of a cough or a sneeze. We disinfect our whole lives for fear of getting sick. We are meant to go through these cycles of getting something, and then getting better! It’s when we get stuck in these cycles of getting something like a chest infection and we can’t shake it that we have a problem! And the fix is not pills. 

There’s a reason your joints ache, there’s a reason you get that 3pm slump, there’s a reason you can’t concentrate or focus, there’s a reason your body feels stiff in the mornings, there’s a reason you have high blood pressure and reflux! 

We need to dig a little deeper and uncover WHY you have these issues! 

We are honestly meant to feel amazing. We are meant to have energy and be able to focus so we can achieve things in life. 

The question is are you willing to take the time to dig a little deeper then a doctor’s appointment and a box of pills? 

It all depends on what story you are telling yourself. 

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