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The Three BIG FAT Lies Of Healthy Living.

You know those days when you wake up before your alarm, you bounce out of bed full of energy just busting to get the day moving.

You smash out your workout before the sun has even come up, cook your protein packed egg omelette (with only organic ingredients) and eat it watching the sun come up sipping on your green tea imported from China…………

Ummmmm, yea I know those days rarely, if ever happen just like that.

Would you believe me if I told you that some days I am not even inspired or motivated to work out?

Enter the Three BIG FAT Lies Of Healthy Living.

Lie #1: You have to be “Inspired” to have good habits.

Lie #2: You should always be motivated to do them.

Lie #3: “Experts” are always motivated to do them.

The last one probably the biggest one of all. There is no such thing as permanent motivation.

You will not always be “Inspired” or “Motivated”.

In fact, sometimes your motivation will be totally MIA.

But, thats ok, because you don’t always need Inspiration or Motivation to have good habits.

You would think that before you ACT on something you need Motivation to get that thing done…..sometimes this is true, most of the time this is not. Most of the time you have to just “hunker down” and find a way to get the job done regardless of how you feel.

Motivation and inspiration are a bit like cats: No, they don’t claw your eyes out when you least expect it. They tend to disappear when you want them around.

You can’t depend on cats. And you cannot depend on Motivation or inspiration.

At Challenge Fitness, I depend on the 3 Ss:




Structure: Think your environment and surroundings, and the things you put in place to ensure things get done.


1.Plan you day or week so you are organised.

2.Look for a gym that is close to home or near your work.

3.Make sure your kitchen is full of healthy food.

Then ask yourself: What do I need to surround myself with in order for me to achieve my goals?

Systems: The processes and practices we use to make things happen.


Make it an evening ritual to pack your gym clothes and have them ready to go the next morningHave a morning ritual of prepping your food for the day ahead. My favourite one and something I religiously do with myself and my clients: Start your workout with a mobility warm- up routine that prepares your body and mind to move comfortably and effectively.

Then ask yourself: What needs to happen for me to be effective?

What processes and practices need to be in place?

Scheduling: When you need to go to the Dentist/ Doctor you don’t just walk in and expect an appointment. You book that appointment in advance.

When I workout I don’t just wait for motivation to strike. I book in my time just like I would book in a client. I know that Tuesday/ Thursday and Saturday mornings at 7:30 am are my time to lift some stuff. I do not book someone else in at that time, just like I would not book someone else in on another clients time.

Book your fitness and nutrition just like you book any other appointment, write/ type it in your diary and then stick to it.

Make it a PRIORITY.

At Challenge Fitness, I use Habit Based Coaching along with the 3 Ss in my approach to integrate Healthy living into your Lifestyle.

This is how I believe we build healthy habits into our lives that are actually sustainable. If you want to make life long changes in your life, you need to stop looking for the quick fixes. 

Finding a system that works for you, that you can build into your lifestyle that you actually enjoy and do consistently, is going to serve you far better than a meal plan, a new years resolution, or the latest HIIT workout. 



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