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The Five Biggest Misconceptions about Online Personal Coaching #2

Last week I spoke about Online Coaching not just being for people who have tried everything and this is their last resort. Online Coaching is great for ANYONE who has an interest in taking control of their own health & wellbeing.

Here is #2

Online Coaching is like therapy.

This could possibly be one of the biggest misconceptions about Personal Coaching. If you want to change your health & fitness you need to take a good look at yourself and the lifestyle you are living right now. Does it represent who you are and what you want out of life?

The work you have to do is a lot of self work, digging deep down and weeding out the things that do not serve you well, be it physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, usually the whole shebang. It does make sense to me that people would mistake what a personal trainer/ coach does as therapy.

So let’s break it down. When a therapist is treating a patient they need to look at that individual from a distance, they need to be objective and look at the person from the outside in.

As a coach myself I see what we do very differently. We cannot just look at the person from an outside view, we need to be there with them so we can guide the person through roadblocks or challenges that may come their way.

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