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5 Reasons Why I don’t Scream & Yell As A Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor

#5 Those Days Are Over

I honestly think the days of your PT being this hard arse who you have to show up to every Monday morning scared because you ate a whole pizza on the weekend ( Oh wait, that was me) are well and truly over.

There is a whole new world developing in the Fitness scene and it takes more than a screamer to get someone LONG LASTING results.

My mission as a Fitness Professional is to help people realise their full potential, not just in the gym. To push people and challenge them so they get stronger, not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

We only have one chance of living an amazing life. Putting yourself first so you can be the best version of yourself is a great place to start. Developing a program that suits your lifestyle and integrates Physical, mental and emotional training is going to get you a lot further than me screaming at you to ‘Just work harder.”

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