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Challenge Fitness

An Integrated Approach To Health & Fitness

Personal Training & Massage Therapy Batemans Bay NSW or Online Training

There's so much BS in the fitness industry, it is my mission to cut through the crap and help you find the best version of yourself. 


By taking a balanced approach to Movement, Mindset, & Nutrition, you can live your best life without starving yourself or grinding your body into the ground.

Services I Offer

Online Personal Training

Train from the comfort of your own home, from anywhere around the globe. As long as you have a Wi-fi connection we can connect and train. 


Integrating Physical, Mental, & Emotional training using Functional Workouts, HIIT, Yoga, & Meditation along with a balanced approach to food so you can kick arse in life.


I do not believe in fad diets or workout regimes. You deserve to live your best life possible filled with energy and a warrior mindset.


Focusing on what your body and mind are capable of is I believe one of the best ways to get strong, fit and healthy, whatever that may mean to you.

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Studio Personal Training & Dry Needling with Electrotherapy

One-on-One or Small Group Personal Training from a private studio in Longbeach.

I take a no BS approach to training and focus on what actually works. I do not follow fitness or diet fads.


By integrating Functional Training, HIIT, Yoga, and a balanced nutrition approach you can live the lifestyle you have always desired.

I was a remedial Massage Therapist for 7 years, I no longer offer massage but I do offer Dry Needling and Electrotherapy. These techniques can be very helpful when dealing tightness and tension in the body. 

I also offer a Nervous System Reset focusing on the Vagus nerve and the Lymphatic System. This will help rid the body of pain & inflammation.

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About Me

I struggled with body image since I was a little girl all the way into my late twenties.
I always wondered why my body didn’t look like the ones in the magazines! ( I know now that the people in the magazines don’t actually look like that either).

I have been obsessed with food and scared to eat, thinking I have to burn off what I just ate with hard intense exercise! Almost like I was punishing myself for eating!

It can feel like no one understands what you are going through or that anyone else feels the same way as you do!
Unfortunately, so many young women and even men feel this way about themselves!

Living your best, healthiest life does not have to be a math equation every time you eat, it doesn’t have to be hours of cardio!
Living your best healthiest life is an integration of mindset, physical and mental training to help build resilience and an appreciation of everything your body and mind are capable of!

My mission as a personal trainer/ nutrition coach is to help you find YOUR healthy! Incorporating functional training/ yoga/ mindset/ nutrition.....(we don’t do diets here) so you can be the best version of you!


"What we think, we become"


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